My Earnest Prayer

By Sharon Chiellini

In the quiet morning hours I seek you Lord and you wait for me as always. I seek to love as your heart loves. I long to be able to forgive and forget as only you can do. I seek to learn your ways and manifest your Spirit. May the things that break your heart also break mine but may the heartaches of this world never envelope me so completely that I cannot keep my head above the water. May my eyes always be able to find your face. How dark a world this would be without your peace, your strength and your protection.

Fill me with courage to stand when those around me fall so that your power may be seen to those who do not believe. Give me strength to face my fears and continually remind me that you have already conquered them all. May my adversaries flee as far as the east is from the west because they know that you are forever with me. Through the power of the shed blood of your son on the cross, they will flee from my family members, my friends and my neighbors. They will flee from my home and my daily path. Like water flees a drop of oil, may those who seek to harm my inner circle know that your hedge of protection so solidly shields those I love that not even a hint of darkness may penetrate it.

Open the eyes of my children and grandchildren and protect them. Fill them with holy wisdom to seek your will because they have seen with their own eyes how the enemy seeks to destroy. Teach them that the battles of this world are not of flesh and blood and that you have already defeated the evil in their world.

Until the prayers of another day and until I come into your presence may I bless you with my heart and soul and cause not your holy heart to grieve.